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Intellectual Property Marketplace


NextTechs Technologies LLC is a Technology Investment Bank that intermediates the acquisition and sale of Intellectual Property. We are in the business of monetizing patent assets. Our goal is to extract maximum value for our clients. Our sole focus is on transaction execution.

A Global Market

Reflecting the international nature of patent demand, NextTechs serves markets in Europe, Asia and North America with relationships domiciled in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Scandinavia, in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Taiwan and in all parts of the United States and Canada.

What We Do

NextTechs originates, structures and distributes patent assets. In over 90% of our business we represent the sell side of the transaction. To do so effectively it is necessary to understand the buy side of the marketplace. Knowing who is buying, why they are interested, how they will utilize the assets and where buyer flexibility resides are the keys to successful transaction execution at maximum yield.

Market Participants

Patents are fundamental business assets that can have material value independent of the businesses they support. They are often sold to realize this value.

Patent buyers include financial investors such as investment funds, hedge funds and certain venture capital firms, licensing and assertion firms, corporate operating companies, patent aggregators and certain law firms. Sellers are equally diverse and include public and private companies, individual inventors, venture capital and private research firms. It is a dynamic environment composed of many different business entities, each with their own unique objectives.

NextTechs’ Client Base

NextTechs has been engaged by Fortune 500 companies and their international equivalents, government agencies, privately held companies, law firms, research organizations and individuals. This is a market whose significant opportunities continue to evolve.


Global Distribution

Only a few years old, the international patent marketplace is evolving rapidly. However, unlike markets in stocks, bonds and foreign exchange, the patent market is relatively illiquid. As patents are unique properties, at any given point in time the number of buyers is limited. It is a demand pull, not a supply push market. Knowing who is buying and what they are interested in is essential to successful transaction execution.

Private Placement

Equally important, due to the strategic nature of patent assets, this is a market that values anonymity. Confidentiality in the acquisition process is critical. As a result, the majority of patent transactions, roughly 90%, are executed on a private basis. At NextTechs search, buy and sell inquiries are discrete. Patent assets are placed privately.

Price Optimization

NextTechs worldwide relationships drive maximum visibility and interest among qualified buyers. We maximize patent yield, delivering the highest returns available in this market.

About Us

NextTechs started under a Space Act Agreement with NASA. Its purpose was to intermediate NASA funded, commercialization ready technologies with Fortune 500 companies. Over time as the Intellectual Property marketplace evolved, the patent market provided a venue where patent assets, having substantive value in their own right, could be bought and sold independently of the product manufacturing entity.

A Focus on Innovation

Today, NextTechs is a global participant in the Intellectual Property marketplace. It is a market that truly bridges the gap between the invention, investment and product development communities. Thanks to our NASA relationship we have developed a remarkably broad cross section of technical domain expertise.

We aspire to become a trusted patent intermediary that enables the Intellectual Property marketplace to flourish.

Contact Us

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